The 114th Fife (Linburn) Scout Group has the largest number of  youth members (under 18s) in the Dunfermline District. We have a small waiting list. The earliest we will take people for the waiting list is age 2 years

The two main reasons that we can not reduce our waiting list are:
1) we do not have enough Adult Support on meeting nights; leaders and parent helpers.
2) The Scout hall is not physically large enough to support any more young people in that section on that night. If we had more adult support we could split sections and meet on a different night or time - but that depends on 1) above

Section Description

Number of  young people

Register of Interest


Waiting List (too young - Under 5)


Waiting List (too young - 5 to 5 1/2)


Waiting List (too young - 5 1/2  to 5 3/4)


Waiting List (5 3/4 to 6) - Minimum age to join Beaver Scouts
Note : We will only take young people of this age if there are no 6 or 7 year olds on the Joining List (below)




Joining List


Waiting List for Beaver Scouts (age 6 and 7) see notes below


Waiting list for Cub Scouts (Age 8 to 10.5)


Waiting List for Scouts (age 10.5 to 14)


Waiting List for Explorer Scouts (age 14 to 18) * see notes


Total of all those waiting to join




Current Youth Membership


Beaver Scouts (age 6 and 7)        [2 Beaver Colonies]


Cub Scouts (age 8 to 10.5)           [2 Cub Packs]


Scouts (age 10.5 to 14)                 [1 Scout Troop]


Explorer Scouts (age 14 to 18)     [1 Explorer Unit]


Total Youth Membership (All Sections)






This information was input on 27/05/18


We have young people who wish to join Cubs and Scouts who have been on our waiting list for more than 2 years. These young people have been offered the chance to join another Scout Group but have declined or a place was not available. 

Places are offered on a first come first served basis with priority to siblings of existing members. People who have been on the waiting list the longest will get first refusal of a place. If a person wishes to join a specific Beaver colony there may be people below them on the waiting list getting into the Scout Group earlier by  joining our other Beaver colony.

If you put your name on the the waiting list today to join Beaver Scouts, the earliest that you will get into the Scout Group; as a Beaver Scout (age 6 to 8) on the night you desire, might be NOW but a more realistic date would be August 2019. The first truly empty slot (guaranteed place) is September 2019.

To join the Scout Group or be added to the waiting list click here NEW_MEMBER_FORM_NRp2

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114th Fife (Linburn) Scout Group
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